1900s Victorian Home Pantry & Refrigerator Re-organization

“Kate was lovely to work with! She had great ideas to make my spaces not only more efficient, but also beautiful. It has been very easy to keep everything organized with her tips and ideas. I LOVE all the storage bins, wooden boxes, baskets, etc. she picked out. I would highly recommend Kate’s pantry/refrigerator organizing services!”


This pantry is unique in every way possible. The nook & crannies, handmade shelves, the charm of a 1910 Victorian home. Not only did I need to get creative to organize this ‘tighter’ space, but I had to also uphold the same character that is alive in every room of this beautiful home.

My client started her transformation with a very open mind, which opened the door to every organizational possibility- literally. With a nearby closet off the dining room, I moved an over the door hanging system to give her kids their own snack haven. Not only does this new space teach her kids how to maintain the ebb & flow of their own food, but it separated the pantry into Mom and Dad’s sanctuary, complete with a brand new floor that highlights even more beauty in the distinctive design.

The new organization includes, but is not limited to:
🤍 Overflow system of grocery shopping, freeing up much needed shelf space for every day use
🤍 Uniform & sleek OXO clear canister system, turning a limiting area into an ample amount of convenient space
🤍 Gorgeous Rowan Acacia bins, including a neat & tidy tea box, to accent the vibe of the kitchen
🤍 Re-defined use of the pantry, purging out unnecessary items while making categorized, functional sense of the ones that are essential
🤍 Bonus! With a kitchen cart in plain view sight, implementing some simple organizational techniques made this cart more functional and easy on the eyes

This space is everything my client imagined it to be. She said it best herself:

She was constantly trying to hide the pantry space before… now she runs to keep the door open❤️


When my client decided to add on her refrigerator to her pantry transformation, I could not have been more excited for her. She understood that the *whole* picture of transformation included both of these spaces, being able to level up the function and beauty of her kitchen in one cathartic swoop.

I opted to not only physically move shelves around but to also reallocate space that made more sense for the particular staple items. At the core of this fridge transformation are two lazy Susans, which you can see for yourself the change this created in space. Even more so, my client’s family will *live* this functional change on a daily basis.

My client chose The Home Edit produce & berry bins, simplifying veggie & fruit prep *and* consumption. Convenience, freshness, ease and quick decisions now overpower their fridge every time the doors are opened.

From organized frozen foods to prioritized fresh foods and a place for leftovers, this refrigerator transformation has set up my client and her family for great success.

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