Balance is Bull Shit

Remember all that chatter about finding a new balance through a life transition that I wrote about just a few days ago? (Read it here: A New Life Balance) How we need to take the driver’s seat to find it, control it, and live it…

Well, guess what?

It’s bull shit.

All of it.

Shortly after I wrote what I did, I shared these balancing thoughts with a friend of mine. Where I thought my words were the blazing warm fire, they actually were only the pilot light. I hung up the phone (ok fine, I closed the voice memo via text because who actually has real phone calls these days?), and immediately said out loud to myself “well, crap. Now I have to delete that.“

But, then I thought more. 

There is no shame is wanting to achieve balance. Perhaps it’s even where we need to start. It’s what is natural and seemingly “correct” in the world we live in. It’s acceptable and even admirable when we see someone else running their well greased circle, in what appears to be perfect balance.

What appears to be.

That’s the key here that got me thinking.

Seeking balance in our lives is actually as superficial as it comes. A myth. To be very frank, balance is even an excuse to do less. 

Let me explain.

When we are pursuing something new – whether that’s a business, a health goal, a relationship, anything new – we will go off balance. It’s inevitable and it’s what we asked for by adding this extra, or different, element into our lives. 

Think of it quite literally: if we are walking about our business and we introduce a new step, what do we expect to happen? Our stride WILL BE different, point blank. If we try to immediately regain our balance, all we will end up doing is walking exactly how we were before. If we do that, why the hell did we even try to begin with?

We take a step OFF balance for a reason. We want change. We have a craving for something more, different, or maybe even a change to slow down. Either way, we want to shift our every day equilibrium because we know we can be better.

That future, the goal, is not balance. Balance would be stepping backwards to catch ourselves from falling, stopping short before any chance to possibly fail, or to wildly succeed.

The future is alignment. 

Alignment is the goal. And the gold. 

It gives us courage to face challenges and sit in the discomfort that comes with change.

It allows enough self-awareness to know sometimes we need to disrupt what is already beautiful, to find our way to more. To grow into what we truly want to become.

It gives us permission to temporarily turn our world upside down, as we mold our  new footprint.

Alignment is far more rewarding and fulfilling. It’s also a bit more realistic.

Because it is also scary. And harder. It will send you through a whirlwind of emotions.

Let me reel this back in to where alignment is currently playing out in my life, as I am trading in my Stay At Home Mom leggings for more leggings… but in a wellness coach and personal blogger kind of fashion.

There is no doubt that a new found alignment will ruffle the feathers of anyone’s home, as is more certainly is doing to mine. My kids hate it. My husband supports it but that doesn’t mean he likes every minute. Heck, even I’m not enjoying every last second of this transition. I am walking in different direction that all of us are used to, and they are trying to pull me back because that’s what is comfortable. For them. And honestly, me…. *if* I was willing to settle for balance, which I’m not….

Pursing a new passion requires intentional effort. And time. Put these two together and you (everyone) will sit in the discomfort for a while, until it isn’t anymore. And that feeling we had so desperately been reaching and grabbing for, all the sudden isn’t so hard to hold onto. 

We loosen our grip. We walk with a little more swag. We find alignment. 

So, this is where we decide. Turn back around to balance it all back out? Or keep moving forward to uncharted territory? One where you can not only find an alignment, but embrace it in ways you didn’t even know possible.

You know which way I choose.

I’ll say it again.

Alignment. Not, balance.

I encourage you to change your narrative with me.

If you make alignment your goal, you won’t ever look back.

Now that is some pretty powerful shit.

Until next time❤️