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Buckle Up, Summer is a Comin’

Your inbox is flooded of school emails with the subject line, “just one more thing.” The activities and end of the year celebrations filling every single day of your calendar. Not to mention the fact that it seems every one of your kids’ friends has a birthday this month, setting our cruise controls from the jump park to the backyard piñatas.  

Mamas everywhere are barely holding on right now. Meal prep has taken to the fastest drive-thru that the kids will complain least about. All our time is spent logging on for cut throat activity summer sign-ups, while emptying the bottomless pit of backpacks (where was this stuff all year long!?). The tears are flowing at graduation ceremonies because we finally get to sit for just a minute and think: HOW can this be my BABY? Yes, that 4K ceremony can be a doozie- let it out, Mama!

These few weeks are busy. Chaotic. Packed to the max and then some. It’s just plain cra-cra (is that still a cool thing to say or did I just embarrass the crap out of my 8 year old?). 

All the while, we are holding our breaths in anticipation of having our tiny humans home for the next 13 weeks straight, 24/7.

The warmer temperatures are here. Daylight hours are plentiful, throwing all bedtime routines out the literal window.

The kids are ready for summer, beyond ready.

But, Mamas, are we?

I hate to break to you, but your answer doesn’t really matter. Because it’s coming for us – the hot, the sticky, and all the bug bites. 

And the pure joy. The outside giggles. The never ending pool splashes. The sun kissed cheeks and all the sweaty, happy hugs.

There is no doubt that our summertime buckets are full- actually, make that overflowing– most literally and figuratively. 

We so easily get caught up in all the things. We forget. We lose sight of the big picture. We can feel overwhelmed, maybe even underwhelmed at times- which can be even more disappointing.

So stop your flip flops right here, right now. 

This is your reminder:

To breathe. The days are long, but the years are short. You bet your ass I’m going to drop that cliche saying down because, Mama, IT’S SO TRUE! When the clock hasn’t even turned 8am yet and your toddler has already spilled every breakfast item all over the kitchen floor, your grade schooler complaining that he’s bored, and your middle girls having a conundrum over their outfits for the day: just breathe. If you slow down, you have a fighting chance your kids will too. You will get through the day and you will also be better prepared when the meltdowns resurface again in the afternoon… and evening… and right before bed… 

Set your mind in a place to be ready for everything and anything. Be realistic while staying optimistic: expect the worst, prepare for the bad, welcome the good, and embrace the God damn great. 

You can do this, we can all do this. 

To take breaks. If you absorb anything of what I say today, it’s this: a coffee break with a friend is needed, but an iPad break for your kid? THIS. This is what you actually need (too). 

It’s encouraged, it’s supported, it’s essential. Summer is not the time for you to try on your Superwoman cape; think more along the lines of survival of the fittest: screen edition. Screen time is the gift that keeps on giving, at no additional cost of a babysitter and zero Mom guilt attached. Think about yourself- sometimes you just want to sit and veg out on some trashy reality show, yes? Your kids are no different. They need down time- especially on those really hot days- to soak in equally as much mind boggling YouTubeKids videos (but still monitored, of course). 😉 

Mamas, charge those iPads up, and I guarantee everyone in the house will be that much happier. 

To enjoy. I don’t want anyone to lose the magic of summer- personally, it’s my favorite time of the year. If our cheeks are sun kissed and our feet barefoot (and dirty) at the end of the day- the good moments will always outweigh the hard in my book. There is something about summer fun that just hits differently. That produces laughter like nothing else can (you can read about the one-of-a-kind trampoline joy part1 and part2). Summer has a way of making lifelong memories that no other season can come close to touching- yea, even you Santa.

So whatever this season looks like for you- family trips and continuous outings, every hour possible spent at the pool, homebody backyard fun round the clock (this is me!), nights packed at the ball field, or weekends spent up North- all I’m saying is don’t let it pass you by. It goes by quickly- too quickly. Don’t let the hard moments define your summer. Instead hold tight all the amazing memories, big and small, carrying them from one summer day into the next. 

To do YOUR thing. If there was ever a time to put your phone down, maybe even go dark on the Gram (read it here), I can’t urge you enough to do it NOW.. Not only to pay attention to what but to stop comparing your summer to anyone else’s. 

There is no pressure to attend every cook out you are invited to OR for you to host them all yourself. It’s not a race who can log the most hours at the neighborhood pool or a competition for the darkest tan lines- something I bet most of us want to go back in time to tell our 20 year old self. 

Don’t ever feel obligated to do anything. You do what is right and best for you and your family– in the moment, every day, throughout the whole summer. Summer is the catalyst of ever changing plans, much of which can be last minute. It’s not just the weather that will do it- you make the decisions of the where, when, and why. With zero explanation to others and absolutely no pull to people please. I fully support the end all, tell all response: because Mom said so. 

That’s all she wrote, my friends. I’ve nudged you to keep perspective. I stand with you to practice patience and prioritize enjoyment. I beg you to be present in the all moments- the good, the bad, and the sweaty. 

Simply short and bitterly sweet.

Just like that summertime ride. 

Until Next Time❤️

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