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Coming Soon

Here I am. Back to the two famous words that seemed to haunt me for months before I got this Blog up and running. When I launched early last Fall, everything I did had a “Coming Soon” tag line attached to it. It felt like a never ending circle of accomplishing one goal, with another one an arm’s reach away, and still more that seemed unimaginably untouchable.

But as one would say, I chipped away, one thing at time. I wrote. I brainstormed. I wrote some more. I created. Until all of a sudden, my Blog was alive.

I had put into print a vision that I had been building up for over a year. I let out a big sigh of relief and pride because let’s be real, self-inflicted pressure is a real thing. The process was scary and unknown, fulfilling and exciting all in one. When I finally hit ‘publish’ on my website, I could breathe again after countless hours of hard work.

And now a year later, I admit…

I’m still holding my breath. 

My Blog is so special to me, but it isn’t the big picture I once thought it was. 

It, instead, feels like a stepping stone. A kick stand to hold up my ideas until further notice. A foundation to build something bigger upon it. A realization that my dreams are in fact much bigger than the path of ‘just’ writing & sharing.

I can do more. I want more. I am ready to do more

You see, for nine straight years, everything about me- my body, my mind, my heart, my life- has been dedicated to my four babies. Years that I would never change and probably will be wishing back as they grow like weeds right before my eyes (how did my oldest just turn nine!?)

But the reality is, my kids are in fact getting older and with that comes a natural shift in my life as their Mom. My kids will forever be my world, but entering into this new stage of life opens up more opportunity to also have room for me. I’m not trying to re-live the old parts of me or remembering things I have missed or used to be, but instead embracing who I have evolved into today. 

What I love doing, what I am good at, what I am passionate about. What I want to share with others and how I want to make a difference in the wellness of your lives, as I feel the strength in my own.

So without leaving you hanging any longer (bless you for always sticking with me through every more-than-you-wanted-to-know explanation and long winded stories)…

I’m beyond excited to announce the launch of my upcoming business, Aligned.byKate. I will be taking two concepts that I love, organization + health, and blending them into a unique offering that will optimize your kitchen environment to support the lifestyle you and your family want to live. Specifically, I will be bringing this expertise into the hot spots of your kitchen: pantries and refrigerators. 

It sounds kinda fancy, right? But I’m actually making it quite simple for you. 

Everyone wants the pretty, always clean, easy organization in these spaces. We (*me* included!) have all drooled over the Pinterest pantries and IG worthy meal prep containers in the fridge. The good news, you can have that. 

Because it’s exactly what I am able to do:

I will use my passion for organization to create a space for you in the most beautiful functional, and sustainable way. 

I will use my certification in Nutrition Coaching to help guide you in the selection of foods and the implementation of systems to align with your desired lifestyle and goals.

I will use my education in health mindset and the psychology of behavior change to encourage what you want the space to mean for you, and how to apply this long term in your life.

I will use my experience of my own health journey and ability to cater to a large family (with very different needs/wants when it comes to food) to make things work for your family. 

I will use myself as an example, as a busy Mom prioritizing what is important to me, to inspire you that you can have what you want, too. 

I am going to leave this snapshot of my business right where it is, letting you wait for the official launch of my site for the rest of the details. I would like to take a moment of time to dig into the roots of where Aligned.byKate has grown from. How did I choose this? Where did this path come from? My why of this new journey.  

My kitchen is a room in my house that has my heart for so many reasons. It’s where I spend most of my time in our home, whether it is because of food prep, putting away the dishes, feeding my family, or simply hanging around the kitchen island making memories. It’s a space that I not only want to love, but feel I have to love for it being the most used room in our house. (If you don’t believe me, remember my mini kitchen remodel after just 6 years building our home? Spy it here)

To pick apart my kitchen even further, I’ve spent countless hours sitting on my pantry floor with my kids. It’s been our hideout, our giggle zone, our safe and calming area to decompress when life feels heavy. It’s our home to our kitchen.

Before I knew it, I found myself standing in my pantry even more over the last few years. Cleaning it. Re-organizing it. Trial and erroring new systems, figuring out which set up leads to the best success in relation to how we bring food into our home, how we consume it, and what I want our family’s nutritional lifestyle to encompass.

An obsession over cleanliness, quickly turned into a hobby with an eye for detail, transformed into a passion that dives deep into how this space truly can affect our lives as a whole, in and out of the kitchen. How essential it is that we draw awareness to this piece of the puzzle so that everything– our values, our goals, our health, our life- can all fit together.

And thus, Aligned.byKate is born. I want to bring this change into your kitchen, into your pantry and your refrigerators, as I have in my own. To show you that when your space looks good, it makes you feel good and live good.

As you can probably imagine, there’s a lot of organization behind the organization that needs to be done. So I appreciate your patience as I roll out my business. The details will all be ‘coming soon’ 😉 as I continue to work, but here is what I can tell you in the meantime: 

+I am working maybe not the fastest way possible (hello, 4 kids AND a new puppy), but the best way I can to get my ideas into your kitchen. I will be launching in three phases because as we all know, biting off more than we can chew at a time will only cause us to choke… pun intended! I want to serve you with the best offering I can, while I continue to expand my education in certification courses and gaining experience in coaching. But I do assure you, Phase 1: I’m ready to knock you right out of the kitchen!

+My Blog website, where Aligned.byKate will be housed, is undergoing some major construction. I appreciate your patience as these changes occur. Instead of leaving you in the dark as I make this all happen, I decided to take you along for ride. I always promise honesty and real life, which I can’t think of a better way than to share all my successes and my mistakes as I go.

+To assure you are kept in the loop, please sign up for my email list! You can find the email box on my website. My first free guide: 8 Tips to Pantry Organization will be available soon, to email subscribers only.

+I have a longer “to-do” list than I’d like to admit, but I am determined and motivated and I will get there. An item that is top priority: getting my hands into more kitchen spaces. I am looking for one individual’s pantry and another two’s refrigerators who are ready to work with me now at a discounted rate. Please contact me if interested. 

I keep saying ‘I can’t wait to get started!” But the thing is, I already have. I started with my Blog. I continued with my Coaching Certifications. And now, my heart is leading the rest of the way, right into your kitchens.

I thank you for your support and am thrilled to have you here with me at Aligned.byKate

Until Next Time❤️