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Embrace Your Mom Era

I spend most of my days the same way: I’m up before the birds are even awake, because it is the only “free time” my day seems to allow me, which also means I’m asleep before some people are eating dinner. All the in-between is filled with laundry, dishes and cleaning, errands and playing bus driver for my kids. I get excited about a clean home, thrilled over an orderly family calendar, and ecstatic if I get some extra time to purge and organize a closet. 

I know I am not the only Mom out there with the same daily agenda. And at the end of each of these routine days, we are all left wondering the same thing: how did we get here?

In the trenches, where our 4 year old runs the show, and we don’t dare pull the curtain on her… ever.

Living in a shade of grey, desperately trying to find the white, the brighter side, but just content to not retreat into the darkness of the black.  

In the deep, where everywhere we turn there are piles and piles of laundry, school papers, and never ending fidget spinners. 

In the messy middle, where we day dream about our past self and wonder who our future self will really be. Is this now our forever? Is this it?

The answer is a hard NO.

Because we change. We grow and mature. We shift and evolve into even more.

We are not the high schooler anymore whose biggest worry was what dress we were going to wear to Prom.

We are not the college student who survived off beer bongs and cramming for finals.

We are not the 20something whose life was on a social repeat cycle of work + gym + date.

Yet each one of these phases of our lives did feel like our forever at the time. We held tight to our loves, thinking it doesn’t get any better than this. We thought our troubles and worries were, frankly, the world coming to an end (to go back to these ‘little’ problems again!).

We lived whole heartedly in these moments because it was these moments that defined us and made us who we are. Until all of a sudden, that person was a thing of our past and really, she wasn’t our definition at all. But instead a shape of our future, of who we are still becoming. 

We realize that every experience, every relationship, every bit of our own being has it’s own happiness and it’s own hard, at any given point in our lives. We learn how to cope, how to pivot, how to manage, how to live, so that when we enter into our next era, we are ready.

We are ready to wear our SuperMom cape because we have trained for this. We have loved hard, and now we love completely and unconditionally. We have worried, but now our worry is beyond just our own, taking responsibility for small humans too. We have learned how to prioritize, and now we do it unapologetically with our family always coming first.

Look at that list. Read it again because all I see is a strong woman that has grown exponentially over her years.  

Yes, our days can feel very mundane and we find ourselves talking to the dog more than any adult human. We switch into auto-pilot because that’s just what Moms have to do sometimes. The little things excite us no matter how boring someone else might think they are (ahem, I’m talking to you, husbands- leave our hobbies alone!). 

The point is none of this lessens who we are, who we have become. Be proud and stand tall – this era we are in is admirable. Every organized corner and every outrageous outfit your kid wears to school – you did it. You are responsible. You are a damn super hero. 

So you go to Home Goods and be giddy as you stroll through every aisle buying things you know you don’t need. You be over the moon about how your kids look at you as they stand in mismatched socks with bedhead to combat any 1980s perm. You go organize your little heart in every room of your house because that finished satisfaction is oh so sweet.

This era of ours can feel joyous and hard, confusing yet so clear, proud but humbled.

It’s all normal. Expected.


And before you know it, your next era will be here. Primed and ready to take on the world as your best self.

Because this isn’t it. 

You are far from over.