Hello, there

If you ask me to describe my personality, I’d say this: a self-aware introvert who thrives in anything comfortable and a little bit new, always seeking my next challenge, but not without fully embracing my current chapter of life first.

There you have it. Crisp and precise. Yet confusing and complicated. Long-winded and extra. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I make it a point in my life to be different, to be me. Sure, I fall victim to the IG swipe up that is trending, or worse yet occasionally plead guilty to the comparison game of others. But I stand by this: I will never follow the crowd. I lead my own way that I want to take (and will go to my grave teaching my children the same).

And so here I am. 

Writing a blog that some may say I have no business doing. I have zero qualifications on paper- no fancy letters of accreditation after my name (yet!), no official education in regards to journalism, and perhaps the scariest, my knowledge in anything technical roots back to Microsoft Office circa 1999.

But I do have life in my corner. 

I am the teenager who has experienced unexplainable loss, after my dad passed away of a sudden heart attack at the age of 47. 

I am the college grad who earned a Rehabilitation Psychology degree from none other than the University of Wisconsin, while simultaneously losing just as many brain cells from attending a #1 party school in the nation (iykyk). 

I am the millennial who made a life for herself in her 20’s, swimming in independence as I carved my own career path and bought my first solo home, 100+ miles away from any family. 

I am the woman who fell in love and grew a family with the man who will always be my forever; the same woman that is not afraid to admit that marriage is hard. 

I am the mother who birthed 4 babies in 5 years, raising and protecting them with my whole entirety, in a world full of more fear and hatred than any of us would have ever imagined.

I am a fit individual who values strength and whole wellness achieved through a sustainable & enjoyable lifestyle, which led me on my own health journey outside any textbook outline or diet culture fad. 

I am a compassionate soul that believes in giving my best self to raising my 4 beautiful children while staying true to my own passions- of health, of inspiring others, of always pursuing a life of growth and happiness.

Turns out my corner isn’t so small after all, huh?

I take pride in the path I have created for myself, the life lessons I continue to learn and the experiences I walk through. It is what makes me, me. And it not only makes me different, but makes me want to be the difference. 

So I am pulled here. In a space I can safely share- inspiring to be bold yet vulnerable, writing in a state of honesty that can be relatable or even motivating, if you will. 

I can’t tell you exactly where this blog will take me, or you, for that matter. Which words will flow easily and which ones will be hard. What you will read about or hope to feel from it.

But I do encourage you to take a chance along side me. Read. Reflect. Create your own thoughts as you sit in mine. 

I will honor my writing as precious time, both mine and yours. Too much life is missed while our faces are glued to a screen, and that distraction, frankly, is not welcome here. 

…Which reminds me, there are a few things I insist do take up your (my) time as we navigate this blog thing together: coffee, a progressive overload training program (and trainer!), sunshine, leggings + sports bras, dark chocolate, too expensive but far worth it beauty products, more coffee, and my Dyson vacuum that I use approximately 62 times a day…

Life is just too short to just stand in the corner. Let’s fill up the whole damn room with our voices. Quieting our voices just so someone else can be louder is not an option here. 

This space. Our passions. My writing. Your kindness & own personal reflection… it’s worth it to me and I hope it is for you too.

We talk. We share. I write. 

So consider this my official hello, and invitation to you to stay awhile.

Grab your coffee, get cozy & let’s chat.

Until next time❤️