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Jump, Jump, Jump [part 1/2]

I’m devoting an entire post to my outdoor trampoline. 

WAIT A MINUTE. I see you hovering that X button. Hold your click and hear me out. 

Because you may just learn something- like finding personal value in the most unexpected places- just as I have done with this trampoline. 

Our jumbo sized (hello, 4 kids) outdoor trampoline was gifted to us Christmas 2021 from some of our wonderful family members. We are to that point where our kids will love anything they receive, but then these said toys don’t seem to see the light of day again. Our house is overflowing with stuff even with routine loads to donate and regular clean outs.

But back to the trampoline… when we were asked what we thought our kids would love the most, we knew a gift like this would serve them far more than yet another superhero or baby doll. 

Boy, was I wrong. 

Because this trampoline has not just served my kids in every way possible, but it has also given ME purpose in a way I never imagined it would. It is literally the gift that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving…

The gift of time and freedom. We have spent more hours on this apparatus than all of our other activities combined. We’ve been late to dinner, overtired before bed, missed other commitments, all courtesy of not being able to pull away from the fun of jumping our little hearts out. And for all the countless hours we’ve spent on it, it doesn’t feel like any more than a single minute.

Time has a way of standing still on the trampoline. It’s about being in the moment- my brain shuts off in regards to the laundry inside I should be doing or the 49 other house tasks I could be accomplishing. And the best part? I have zero guilt in choosing to let these other things wait. 

There is a sense of freedom I cannot even explain. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air or the feeling of flying through the sky when jumping. But I do know it has no stopwatch, no alarm clock, no time to tell. Coupled with the weightlessness, the feeling is simply out of this world (and highly recommended). 

The gift of innocence and joy. There is no question that our trampoline has produced some of the biggest smiles and giggles to ever come out of our backyard. From that perspective, this gift takes the cake on the happiest gift my kids have (and maybe will ever!) received.

Watching the pure joy radiate off my kids, has left an even bigger imprint on myself. I’ve laughed so hard I’ve had to run inside to use the bathroom (more on that later… Moms, you know what I’m talking about…). Or the squeals that have come out of me, shouting to Josh to come see because he can’t miss this level of fun either. 

We live in a world that makes us grow old way too quickly. So for this trampoline, I am grateful for the time warp it offers to be a kid again. To laugh like there’s no tomorrow, do butt jumps like no one’s watching (please, don’t!), and to embrace the same kind of playfulness my kids do. 

The trampoline itself came with a price tag, but the entertainment is free and the memories are truly priceless. 

The gift of patience and selflessness. Some of you may be saying to yourself, “I can’t believe she jumps with them!” You better believe I do, and I set that expectation since the day we got it. Did I want to jump? Not necessarily. Are there times I want to do anything but? Absolutely. 

But I’m a Mom. And saying “no” to my kids when they beg me to pop them like popcorn is nearly

impossible. So sometimes I need to view the trampoline just like starting a workout I may not want to (because God knows the trampoline is one!). I know I am better for it afterwards- mentally, emotionally, physically. And all of it makes my mama heart so happy. 

There hasn’t been a single day I regret stepping foot on the trampoline, and I have no intentions of stepping off it anytime soon either. 

Exceptttttt when my kids start fighting on this darn thing. Yes, it happens (they are human, after all). It has taken some time for the Littles to be fully comfortable on the trampoline, which can bring some big tension as it forces everyone else to slow down. And the Bigs? They are notorious for butting heads over their equally controlling attitudes of who is in charge of this space.

So it is safe to say, my patience is continuously tested and boundaries are repeatedly set. 

I could take all this as a sign to zip the entrance enclosure shut and call it a day, but where is the lesson in that? No one said parenting is easy and this is no different. 

We yell and make mistakes. We say we are sorry and learn from it. Then we jump some more and do it all over again. 

The gift of connection and uninterrupted love. When you think of a trampoline, you think high energy and ‘go, go, go.’ What you may not have thought of is the calmness it can offer. The one-on-one conversations had with Mom and her oldest while the others were busy. Conversations that I will forever cherish because it gives him the perfect combination of comfort and distraction to talk to me from his growing little heart. 

How I want to forever bottle up those sweet faces that look up at me when I grab their sweaty little hands to jump together. Or when I reluctantly, but lovingly, hold their heavy little bodies while still jumping myself (you’re welcome, Ava).

And do I dare bring this up? The handful of times Josh has not-so-gracefully gotten on too, while our kids laugh their brains out, and myself peeing my pants (again) over the hilariously awesome moments that Daddy always brings.

The point is, the connection our family has made while on our trampoline makes everything else around us seem non-existent. 

And that? That is a family goal I’ll never complain about.

I’m going to abruptly leave you mid-jump right here, right now.

These gifts are good. Eye-opening. Impactful. 

But the last one I still want to share? It’s so big, it deserves its own landing space. 

It’s a gift I not only want you to read… but to feel… in all of it’s goodness, ugliness, and even a little weirdness.

Until next jump❤️