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Meet, Rex

If you read my latest Blog, you know about the boundaries I have set for myself around my current social media presence. It takes a lot for me to open that space back up. It goes without saying that it has to be something that is worth the share. 

And it just so happens that I found the perfect four legged friend to do just that.

I am so excited to introduce to you, Rex, our family’s new puppy! We are so fortunate to have brought him home just last Friday, at seven weeks of age and tipping the scale at a whopping five pounds. He is named after Ethan’s early love of dinosaurs and hope he stays out of trouble long enough to not make his full name, Mr. T-Rex Blasi, a regular daily occurrence.

He is a Mini Bernedoodle, meaning a mix of a giant sized Bernese Mountain Dog offset by the miniature stature of a poodle. His expected weight is around forty pounds, with a big question mark of “give or take.” 😉 His temperament seems pretty chill- so far!- and his spurts of energy are very playful. 

We are over the moon in love with Rex. I mean, just look at him! How can we not be?!

It’s funny that I’ve never considered myself a “dog person” – I enjoy them but honestly never thought I’d own one. And here I find myself, out of anyone in the house, loving on this sweet little puppy every single minute I can.

But let’s not breeze over this fact that I’ve never owned a dog. Read between the lines here, people: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING. I keep repeating to myself, You had 4 babies in 5 years. You can handle a puppy. You can do this, Kate.

And so I am doing it, the only way I know how. By embracing the chaos. (In the most organized way possible, of course).

Once our visitors look past the extreme cuteness, if I do say so myself, of Rex’s face, they then look at my face and say, You are crazy to get a puppy with four young kids.

To which I say, You are the crazy one for thinking I’m crazy! Why the heck not add a puppy?! 

Because the way I have always seen it, is that there is always room for more love. I wouldn’t have the family I do today, if I didn’t believe that to my very core. 

It’s NOT always easy. Heck, sometimes it even feels impossible. I’m not going to sugar coat life with 8, 7, 5 and 3 year olds, along with a successful, career driven husband. And now throwing in a puppy. I’ll give it to you, from the outside, it probably does look a little crazy. But what I feel from the inside, is much different than what you might see.

We have our moments. We have our struggles. We most certainly have every day challenges as the big family we are. 

But the good times. The unconditional love. The pure joy. The overwhelming happiness. It all outweighs any of the hard. Every time, every day.

And adding a dog to the mix? I know he will only capitalize all of the latter. The smiles, the giggles, the puppy snuggles, the connection we are already making with Rex is and will always be absolutely priceless. 

(I wish I could say the same about the actual cost of this fur baby- holy cow, have times changed when it comes to the expense of a dog!)

I don’t know everything. I will make mistakes, I probably already have in just a weekend’s time of having him. But we will all learn together, both the humans and the dog. 

It’s been four (wonderful!) days with Rex, and everything is all still very new. But these are the things I do know and have learned in this short time:

~Taking care of Rex has given me the unexpected gift of slowing down. I thought it would be the exact opposite these first days- stressed, constantly on the move, messy. Instead I have sat outside in the yard for hours with Rex and my family, just enjoying each other and the sunshine. I can’t even tell you the last time I thought about doing that, nonetheless did it. I know our daily pace will not always be like this, but I guarantee I will now be taking full advantage when I can, making a conscious effort moving forward. 

~Speaking of messy, another pleasant surprise. I can in fact still keep a clean house with a puppy! I prepared weeks for Rex, thought and re-thought about what may work and may not work, and have already adjusted as needed. There is so much truth to setting up your environment for success in all areas of your life (more on this later this summer!), and a puppy is no different. I have a high standard for our home- it’s cleanliness and organization- and I take pride in my efforts. Rex’s handful of pee accidents on the floors, grass dragged in from outside, and puppy supplies everywhere only helped me manage our house even more. Having to strategically clean up over less physical time and focusing on better efficiency when done. My meticulously clean floors were all thanks to me this past weekend, but I will happily take Rex’s help in the future with the dropped crumbs too. 

~I have to come back again to the idea of adding a puppy to an already full household. Rex has been proof to us that we are all capable of more love than we think, and we should never put a limit on it. I know how much my own heart has grown in such a short time with him, but watching my kids with Rex has been eye opening in the best way. Josh and I have devoted our lives to showing our kids unconditional love- what it feels like to receive it and to give it. Rex is like the missing piece to our puzzle that we didn’t even know was missing. Each one of my kids has bonded with our puppy in their biggest, brightest and amazingly unique ways. And the best part is I know this is only the beginning to what is to come.

~I am the queen of wanting things now, and my goodness did this situation exercise every impatient bone in my body. We were on the waitlist to get a puppy for over a year. There were a few times we almost pulled the trigger on a litter, but for different reasons each time, we clearly did not. And now? Rex feels so right. I believe this is largely due to the fact we did not force a thing. We let it happen the way it was supposed to, for Rex to come to us. A lesson to always remember in the race of life- good things are worth waiting for and I am so damn grateful.

~Lastly, it is ok to admit to needing help. I am not a dog expert. Josh grew up with a dog, giving him far more experience, but he doesn’t know it all either. On top of it, we are busy parents that want to do what is best for our kids and our dog. So we made the decision to send Rex off to the professional. He is currently with an in-home trainer**, who is more than qualified to give Rex the head start he needs. Without going into all the details of how this works, just know that we did our research, we stand by our decision, and we trust where he is. …Now, if I knew this was such a hot topic with our Vet in the way she was going to approach me with her (partially uneducated) opinion at the time, I may have done more research with selecting her as well. But that is for another day… 

At the end of the day, we all need to do what is best for our family. Nobody else can make that decision for you (or make you feel guilty about it, for that matter). That includes how you handle your dog and even going back to square one- how and/or when you choose to make an addition to your family. 

So, to wrap up this very long introduction to the cutest puppy on earth: I am not crazy. 

I am lucky.

To be in love, six times over.

My husband, my four kids, and now our sweet puppy boy.

Welcome home, Rex.

Until Next Time❤️

**The professional trainer we are working with is local to Madison, WI. Although we have just started Rex’s actual training, I have been in contact with this trainer for many months and I am confident in her recommendation to others. Reach out to me for more information.