My Kitchen: Before & After

I’ve sat down to write this post at least a dozen times. What I had planned to be such a fun (and proud!) ‘Before & After’ to share with you.

Yet I spent a lot of time stuck. The photos obviously came easy, but I was searching for the words. None of which sounded… or felt… right.

Of course I started with the lists- the what to do, not to do. Where to spend money, where to save. How to flawlessly manage a family of six through an unusable kitchen for two weeks. The why’s of the old design versus the new. 

But this is when my mind wandered to far more places than just my kitchen. Perhaps more important ones, of deeper value. Ones with much more meaning. 

I went off on a tangent about how we need to sit in the discomfort of uncertainty and unknown territory before we can reach the good. About how the process is far superior to any end result. Always.

(And that was a doozy of a tangent, let me tell you. Because I honored the gift of pausing before acting, I was able to pinpoint where my resistance was coming from in writing this post. I dominated some self-reflection that I never anticipated to be triggered from inside a kitchen, but it nonetheless led me to some powerful realizations outside the kitchen. But that needs its own space, its own thoughts, its own time…)

Back to the kitchen-

My next attempt of writing jumped head first into a rant about how judgmental others can be, for no reason other than the cost of others’ feelings. A kind of judgment that I have zero tolerance for in any and all rooms of my life, which in turn can have a weird way of feeling lonely and fulfilling all in one.

So from there, I went down a rabbit hole until I got to the bottom: external validation. Talking about how the struggle is so real, for so many (including me). The desire to constantly want to people please, to seek out others’ approval. To be agreed with, included, valued. To feel like we are right. 

Naturally, that bled into a explanation of everything. I was opening up every cabinet possible- in my kitchen and beyond- into my thoughts, my mind, my actions, even my values.

Enough is enough. 

On that thirteenth time I sat down to write this (again), I hit the delete button.

On everything.

It wasn’t that what I was writing was junk- I have plenty of ideas I stored away for later, trust me.

It’s that sometimes, I think we (me) forget to keep it simple. That not everything needs an explanation, endless details, or a deeper meaning attached to it. And the unsolicited advice we are all so quick to offer? So. Not. Needed. (If you are actually re-doing your kitchen and want the in’s and out’s, you know where to find me).

Although I consider my Blog to be the place for some of the above… it is not the time. 

It is the time to just sit. Breathe in what is right in front of me. Don’t over analyze, don’t over think, and for the love of all kitchens, don’t over complicate things that don’t need to be. Enjoy the beauty, for the beauty.

So I’m leaving my kitchen exactly where it is. 

A ‘Before & After’ that has brought me joy in more ways than this Blog could ever talk about. A home reveal that I am unapologetically sharing in its full glory of simplicity.

Because, today…

Pretty photos are enough.

They are… we are all… enough. 

Until next time❤️