My Relationship with Macros

One could say my relationship with macros is something similar to a college boyfriend. Stick with me – I write in metaphors often ;).

I’ve been through all the stages of nutrition and numbers in a fairly short amount of time when looking at the big picture of life. This story is about my experience with macros during some critical years of growth to a better me.

Before diving into the good, bad, and ugly of this ‘boyfriend’, let me first give you an appropriate introduction.

Macronutrients are the main energy sources we consume (protein + carbohydrate + fat) that fuel our bodies. They each contain their respective amount of calories in which we can easily calculate. So when we count them on the daily, we are optimizing an environment to reach our goals of fat loss, building muscle or being able to maintain our weight.

Simple, yet complicated. Easy, but overwhelming. (Am I talking macros or a college boyfriend here?) HA.

Let me start from the beginning, as I cycle through this relationship.

Friends first. I was introduced to macros from a dear friend of mine. She had been counting for quite some time, and honestly, I initially had zero interest until I plateaued in my health journey. I needed something different. Something more. Something to excite me in a new way. Insert the new, shiny boyfriend.

Head Over Heels. Once I was in it, boy, did I fall in love hard and quickly. Fueling my body appropriately and learning the in’s and out’s of macros came easily to me. Knowledge was power and the fuel was incredible. I was crushing my goals and felt on top of the world. Until I didn’t.

An unhealthy obsession. I’d venture to say almost all of us have been in a relationship that wasn’t the best for us, but we stayed anyway. We put the blinders on to later realize hindsight is a beautiful thing. I had lost myself and my core nutritional habits, in the numbers. I ate FOR the macros which is a red flag of macro counting not being utilized as a tool anymore, but instead as restriction. Control. It took a few more months for me to see it myself, and once I did–I declared that break up as Facebook official.

Fear, uncertainty, avoidance, half ass it. Call it what you will. We’ve all been there.

We don’t resort back to “all in” because we don’t want to make the same mistake twice. But we also experience some major FOMO that makes us want to dive head first again. Could he (er, macros…) really change into something better again that would fit in our life?

For me, I sat uncomfortably spinning my wheels for another handful of months, as my goals kept slipping away from me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on WHY I couldn’t just stick to my macro plan.

Realization & acceptance of your first love. That moment when you can pinpoint what went wrong. But appreciate all that he was and how he changed you for the better. And know that you wouldn’t be the woman you are today, without him.

I’m talking about the macros now, not the boyfriend.

Macros is hands down the single, most effective tool I have EVER USED to accomplish my health goals.

Counting macros brought me knowledge about the fuel going into my body and how I react to it and feel from it- things I *thought* I had already known but it turned out I didn’t. (You don’t know what you are missing out on until you feel that good.)

When incorporating macros into my daily life- the RIGHT way- I was able to accomplish my physique goals and then some (the gut health was a major unexpected bonus). The maximization of my environment was key to my success.

Perhaps the best gift of all, macros gave me the confidence in precise and enjoyable intuitive eating. Because the fact is, macro counting isn’t a forever thing. It is a tool to have in your toolbox (note: I switched metaphors here as to not confuse the encouragement of recycling old boyfriends).

Macros is something we can pull out of that box when counting WILL BEST SERVE US IN THE PHASE WE ARE CURRENTLY LIVING. That’s in capital letters to be sure those in the back can see…

The manipulation of macros is, unfortunately, far too common. The heavy reliance for years upon years; the misconception that macros is the cause (as opposed to a tool) to weight loss; the self-inflicted macro prison that turns into diet restriction; the overuse, or underuse for that matter, throughout your transformation that essentially teaches you nothing about your body in the end.

Having experience with macros since Fall 2020 does not make me an expert by any means, but the wisdom I can confidently share with you is this:

There is a time and place (sometimes multiple, others not) for macros within your journey. Self awareness of the WHEN and the WHY of macros for YOU, is paramount to your success. Let them serve you and your goals to the best potential, with enough self-respect to also know when to let them go.

Because at the end of the day, let’s be real.

And please just eat the delicious damn cake.

(Table for 1!)

Until next time❤️