My Why...

I am here to share relatable experiences as a Mom of 4, a woman who values strength in all its forms, and a human being always looking for the JOY. 

So that I can inspire & empower others, just like me, by offering comfort & guidance the best ways I know how.

Through my work at Aligned. by Kate, creating spaces in your home and your life that allows your reality and your hopes to live as one, beautiful system.

Through my writing on the Blog, growing human connection that propels each one of us forward to be our best self, never losing site of every piece of the puzzle that makes us, us.  

So with that, I make my promise…

I promise the raw and real of the hard no one wants to talk about, with a breath of fresh air to never leave you feeling alone.

I promise to offer vision and perspective through a new lens in hopes for you to expand your own outlook on life.

I promise to guide you to a wellness that embodies personal alignment, happiness and strength.

I promise honesty. Vulnerability. Truth.

I promise education. Knowledge. But above all, my open mind and heart.

All of these promises I make to you and to myself.

It’s why I am here… and why I hope you choose to stay awhile.

Let's Connect...