I have partnered with both The Container Store & NEAT Method for the shopping needs within every project at Aligned.byKate. These are brands I trust and value, as evident in my own use of their organizers throughout my entire home. The quality of product is superb, the price affordable, and the ongoing availability of items highly reliable.


Shop some of my favorite items and explore more on your own. I encourage you to always shop as you please, and thank you for using my affiliate links.*

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The Container Store believes in the transformative power of organization, emphasizing its efficiency, functionality, and enjoyment; and I couldn’t agree more. The Container Store’s home page is a great place to start not only for your kitchen, but for all your areas of your home. Browse, click, and organize away.

The NEAT METHOD is a professional home organizing company that leaves jaw dropping results for their clients. So it is no surprise that their product has the same stunning qualities. The quality, functionality, and sleek aesthetics are unmatched to compliment your already beautiful home. I have far too many favorites to list, and hope you find some of your own, too.

THE HOME EDIT Clear Turntable

Perhaps my absolute favorite storage solution of all time, I can always find a use for a turntable. Some of the best uses are for (de-boxed) protein bars and snacks, or oils and spices; craft supplies or beauty products for areas outside of the kitchen. This one by The Home Edit is customizable with removable dividers, and offered in two sizes (the large 18 inch is a dream come true for a kid snack haven!). 

Refrigerator Lazy Susan

There is no better home in your fridge for your sauces, condiments, and jars than inside this turntable. Easy to grab, easy to see, easy to save space. As long as it fits, you will find me adding this product to nearly every fridge transformation I get my hands on!


These bins from NEAT Method are simply drop dead gorgeous, with detailing to drool for. They are solid and durable for excellent use in a pantry, particularly the oversized option for extra floor storage. They are an investment, but trust me when I say, they are worth it.

Refrigerator & Freezer Organization Products

If you are unsure on where to start, this is a simple place to begin. Clear storage is the answer here for easy visibility and a crisp, fresh space. The options are plentiful but not meant to be overwhelming. One at a time… or stack two to get fancy. 

OXO Clear Storage Canisters

Do yourself a favor: don’t walk… RUN. This system will simplify everyday tasks and you will wonder how you ever lived without them. I advise the use of the OXO canisters in every pantry I do, and it is hands down the most loved product by my clients. While I do get very specific in my recommendations of this product when leading a pantry transformation, they are too good not to share now.