Space Maximizing Pantry Transformation

Often, when we consider the spaces in our homes, we find ourselves unsatisfied. We crave more—bigger spaces, expansive rooms, essentially what we have but amplified. We assume that increasing size will solve our organizational challenges. “If only we had more space, we’d be free of chaos and disorganization.”

However, Sarah’s pantry stands as a testament that space alone isn’t the solution. Despite having a generous pantry with ample shelves, high ceilings for tall items, a countertop for prep, an extra fridge for overflow, and even a hidden pantry door, she still found herself discontented.

The issue wasn’t the space; it was the lack of a functional system. The daily hustle of her family exposed the inefficiencies of the pantry’s design.

Sarah needed guidance to cultivate this space to its full potential. During her in-home consultation (after I admired her beautiful home), my ideas flowed rapidly. Sarah also contributed her own insights, which was fantastic because she knew her family’s needs—what worked and what needed to change. Combining her input with my expertise in system implementation and categorization, I knew we could transform this pantry into something remarkable.


Key Pantry Transformations

  1. Serving Ware Organization: Sarah loves to entertain, and her collection reflects that. We categorized her serving pieces based on frequency of use: frequently used items stayed in the pantry, occasionally used items were relocated to nearby kitchen cabinets, and rarely used items moved to basement storage.
  2. Additional Shelving: While I typically move or remove shelves, here we added one where it made the most sense, providing a home for plates, trays, and serving bowls.
  3. Relocating Food Items: By moving many food items to new shelving, we revived the pantry’s overall function and improved daily usability.
  4. Aesthetic and Functional Storage: The pantry was previously a mix of loose items and random bins. Given the lack of natural light in this 10×12 space, we needed a warm design. Bone-colored perforated baskets created the desired vibe, while natural water hyacinth baskets provided lightness and functionality. Turntables and open-front organizers added both appeal and efficiency.

Organizational Systems Implemented

  1. OXO Canister System: Sarah had started an OXO clear canister system but needed an extra push to complete it. We audited her existing containers, adjusted contents, and bought additional pieces to complete the pantry setup. This system now optimizes storage and allows for easy maintenance and future changes.
  2. Overflow System: A hallmark of many pantries I organize, we created an overflow system that maximizes space, declutters shelves, and promotes stress-free, waste-free grocery shopping.
  3. Strategic Categorization: The entire pantry benefits from strategic categorization and compartmentalization, enhancing its usability.

A Little Something Extra

Sarah deserved a space that reflected her needs as well. With plenty of room to work with, we created a coffee nook just for her. Neatly arranged with her favorite cups, fresh coffee grounds, pretty canisters, and beautiful acacia baskets, this nook is her personal slice of heaven. Now, when she opens her pantry, she’s reminded of her own space first, even as she serves her family.

Just a few days with her new pantry, Sarah already feels more at ease. Cooking over the weekend was stress-free, grocery shopping was a breeze, and that morning cup of coffee tasted much better.

Here’s to many bright days ahead in your beautifully organized pantry, Sarah. 🤎


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