The Calm Before The Storm

The blog has been quiet. But my mind? That has been anything but. 

I’m into week 9 of 13 before I officially have my Health Mindset Coaching certification. The lectures and discussions continue to lure me in week after week. The fact that I’m on journal number 2 is proof in itself! The best part is, the learning is not something I turn on when I sit down to do the work, and off when I close the iPad. The ideas and experience are constantly running through my mind, and I’m not one bit surprised about it. Pursuing this path is something I’ve been chasing for the last year, but honestly, this fire has been inside me for decades.

In short form…

This kind of stuff LIGHTS. ME. UP.

In long form…

I remember back in early high school being interested in everything human body. On a field trip to the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, I was jumping at the opportunity to see the cadaver, first in line to hold an organ, and even more eager to want to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. 

Until I found out how much schooling that required.


(Anyone else always think of Ross carrying the couch in Friends every time you use that word? It’s just too good!) 

So further along in high school, I drifted just enough to keep my hands still in the field and keep my interest peaked. Researching colleges for a top notch Physical Therapy Program was my new priority, when I wasn’t busy playing sports and weight lifting. Even as a teenager, I had a greater understanding of the body, embracing maximum muscle fatigue in my lifts and learning all about how these limbs of ours work via my own shoulder dislocation, surgery, and PT. The human body had me wrapped around its little finger, literally.

Onto UW Madison where I enrolled into general education courses with a Physical Therapy goal in mind. Psychology 101 was on the docket my first semester freshman year.


My passion for learning how the body functions was (and is) still very much present, but I realized my love actually started in the brain. Although the human body is interesting, the mind is utterly fascinating.

Psychology had grabbed a hold of my heart; unfortunately, my lack of academic patience still posed a big problem to my young 20’s (read: immature) agenda in life.

Time for another piiii-vot! Although this one wasn’t so easy to do because it ran a heck of a lot deeper. 

So I had to do a little soul searching. Waiting until my education and fast pass to a diploma aligned as one. And, finally, the evening I walked out of my first Individuals with Disabilities lecture hall… it not only felt right, but overwhelmingly purposeful. 

From there, I filled my college career with internships from helping a quadriplegic maintain his fitness and assisting individuals of varying disabilities in water therapy, to aiding a young boy with Autism in school and accompanying adults with mental disabilities on the simplest of field trips that brightened their days just as much as they did mine. Through all this work (and more), my major in Rehabilitation Psychology wasn’t the only thing declared- my undeniable desire to help others while keeping my foot in the door of the health field, was just getting started.

You didn’t really think this story could end that easily, did you?

I reluctantly inserted the academic roadblock one last time. Occupational Therapy became the front runner in my career path, but my willingness to attend Grad School was unapologetically at back of the pack. 

The difference this time, though, was that I was happy with my education, start to finish, and the life experiences I gained through endless internships was more than I could ever ask for. Although not what I had planned, I found my way just fine upon graduation and was completely content with my career choice at the time. 

Four years later is when it hit me like a ton of bricks: contentment is not good enough. (Duh, Kate.) In reluctantly letting go of my dreams, just because school wasn’t “my thing,” I had also lost a big piece of myself.

It took me EIGHT YEARS (I told you this was the long version…) to come full circle. To have enough courage to admit I made some mistakes. To now have to climb my way back up to the top, from ground zero, in order to even get a glimpse of my dreams again. Wanting to re-mold my passions into one complete, yet winding, path ahead: my calling to help others, my love of how the human body works, and my pull to psychology to best understand how we function in this life of ours.

That’s why this certification is everything to me right now. It’s a fresh start, a confidence boost, a gateway to make an impact, a model of personal growth. It’s a hope for my future.

Which brings me to my exact point here. I needed to sort my past out to get us to the present day. To authenticate my why and what sets me apart from the rest (because let’s be real, anyone can pay the price tag, cruise through the course modules, and get the same certified paper with their name on it at the end- just like me). 


I haven’t just learned it, I breathe it. I don’t just experience it, I live it. I don’t just practice it, I believe in it. 

The mind. The body. The connection that makes us whole. Makes us unique. All with the capability to bring us a wellness so empowering that we never turn back.

A journey that I do not want to do alone. 

Sharing the shit out of this education I’m receiving, the experiences I am feeling, the ideas and the science behind our minds, is a non-negotiable must. These thoughts I have swarming around my brain can be life changing. I’m not going to be shy to say they have been for me, and I’m confident they will be for you too. 

As much as I want to shout it all out at once, I’m cautious to share. My words around mindset need to be intentional, deliberate, and impactful.

In time I will gain even more experience and trust me, I will have a heck of a lot more to say. But in the meantime, I take it slow. Sitting in these teachings, this knowledge, the words that are old in text but new in meaning, is paramount to where I want to go and where I want to take you. What I want to share and hope for you to feel in your own growth.

Remember those journals I mentioned? I have filled pages and pages of notes with each week that has passed. Asterisks written next to ideas that stuck and tangents scribbled in the margins of thoughts to write more about later.

Know that ‘the later’…. is really now

I’m sorting all of it out in the background-

*What is takes to have a Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset

*Motivation, and how unreliable it is

*How important Mental Contrasting is as opposed to shooting rainbows and sunshine up your ass (blunt honesty, people- I tell it like it is)

*The fact that you are not broken, and there is nothing to fix

*That stress can be empowering 

*When Cognitive Behavior Therapy is your best friend

*The science behind achieving goals and a SMARTER way to do it

The list goes on. I assure you it is messy. None of it is linear. At times very confusing. But ohhh so good. Which gives us all the more reason to talk about it. 

So let’s stop the silence. These ideas, concepts, teasers, if you will, of what’s coming, is nothing to be quiet about and everything to make you a better you. 

Expansion is wanted and explanation is necessary. 

What do you want to hear more about? 

Because it’s time.

Let’s get loud. 

Until next time❤️