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Lake Home Pantry Transformation

Imagine walking into a newly built home on the lake, a blank canvas crafted from dreams and aspirations. The homeowners bulldozed the old structure to embrace the new, creating a space of luxury, warmth, and beauty. At the heart of this home lies the kitchen—a hub where mornings begin with the aroma of fresh coffee, where grown children return to cozy up just like when they were little, and where friends gather, feeling right at home.

When Amy reached out to me, I knew this project was going to be special. She had poured her heart into organizing her home, transforming it into a space that worked seamlessly for her lifestyle. But she recognized that the kitchen, especially the pantry, deserved extra attention. Amy’s goal was clear: to create a pantry that was as welcoming and functional as the rest of her home.

Setting the Stage: Goals and Vision

Amy’s vision for her pantry was ambitious. She wanted it to be:

  • Warm and inviting.
  • Effortlessly functional for daily use.
  • Supportive of a healthy lifestyle.

With two open-door frames leading into the pantry, the space needed to be aesthetically pleasing and practical. Here’s how we brought Amy’s vision to life:

1. Decluttering and Categorization

We started by moving rarely used items to another storage area, focusing on the essentials. To keep things organized and hidden, we used stunning rattan baskets. This not only added a touch of elegance but also made the space feel less cluttered.

2. The OXO System

Transitioning 90% of “loose items” to airtight, uniform canisters from OXO was a game-changer. Each item was accounted for with the appropriate size selection, ensuring everything had its place. This system not only looks clean but also makes it easy to find ingredients at a glance.

3. Turntables for Efficiency

Turntables were a crucial addition for maintaining efficiency and easy access. Items that are frequently used were placed on these rotating trays, making it simple to grab what you need without rummaging through shelves.

4. Organizers in Cabinets and Drawers

Inside the cabinets and drawers, we used various organizers to keep things tidy. This approach promotes an environment of organization both inside and out, making it easier to maintain cleanliness and order.

5. The Beverage Nook

One of the standout features of this pantry is the beverage nook—a morning sanctuary complete with coffee essentials, a bin for tea options, and a beautiful family cake stand on display. This area became a bright spot in the pantry, perfect for starting the day on the right note.

Embracing New Ideas

Amy’s openness to new organizational ideas was commendable. Her dedication to making her home functional and beautiful was inspiring. Working with her to reimagine the pantry was an absolute honor.

But this was only half of her transformation. Amy understood the value of completing the entire kitchen space, ensuring no room was left unchecked. Stay tuned for the fridge transformation, which took the kitchen organization to the next level.

The Fridge Transformation

When a client chooses to pair a pantry and fridge transformation, it’s music to my ears. Lifestyle shifts and habit formation are not a half-and-half deal. For a change to resonate and stick, your full environment needs to support your needs and desires.

1. Side Compartments

The side compartments of the fridge were a no-brainer. We categorized by condiments, dressings, and cooking essentials, keeping things simple yet effective.

2. Produce and Berry Bins

Strategic placement of produce and berry bins supports a lifestyle of healthy habits and easy choices. Amy can now quickly access fresh fruits and vegetables, making meal prep a breeze.

3. Leftover Area

Using Anchor Honkering sets, we designated an area for leftovers. This setup keeps things visible and accessible, reducing food waste and making it easy to find what you need.

4. Freezer TLC

The freezer also got the attention it deserved. We categorized food groups, eliminated unnecessary packaging, and organized for noticeable choices—all without purchasing a single organizer item.

5. Clear Container System

Although grocery shopping didn’t happen before the re-organization day (because #life), we anticipated Amy’s needs. By understanding her typical grocery items and usage patterns, we set up a system with clear containers. This means zero stress for Amy, as she knows exactly where everything goes.

Bonus: The Beverage Fridge

Amy’s beverage fridge is in plain sight in her kitchen, visible through a glass door. It was a high-visibility area where guests often help themselves. Adding a quick organization here made complete sense.

Can Organizers

Adding clear can organizers allowed for more efficient use of space and offered a cleaner, crisper look. In doing so, we actually removed a whole shelf, creating more room for beverages.

Transforming Amy’s pantry and fridge was a rewarding experience. By focusing on organization, functionality, and aesthetics, we created a space that supports her lifestyle and brings joy to her daily routines.

If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or any other area of your home, remember that a well-organized space can make all the difference. It not only enhances the beauty of your home but also makes everyday tasks more manageable and enjoyable!